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This is a fact book framed by a simple story. The story is about a little girl doesn’t like snakes but the rest of her family love them (and own a great many).

41ixbbk8ctLThe girl lists all the reasons why she doesn’t like them – they are slimy, their eyes are stare-y and so on, and varying family members explain a bit about them (how in fact they aren’t slimy or that their eyes do seem to stare because they don’t have eyelids). Eventually she comes around to liking them – not even when her brother explains the ways they kill their prey. With new enthusiasm, she even finds things out about how snakes have their babies herself.

The kids really enjoyed this. The facts were fascinating and the story made it interesting and encouraged the kids to ask their own questions.

The illustrations are a mix of fun sketch-like pictures of the family and detailed ones of snakes.

The kids have re-read this book several times already this week. It’s nice to have a non-fiction book that works in picture book format. It’s a definite thumbs up from them about the book and about snakes.

I however did not know that snakes could fly until I read this book. Toby has explained that it really is just big leaping but OH DEAR ME. I did NOT want to know about this. I want to unlearn it. Desperately. I wasn’t fussed either way about snakes before but now, I’m really not keen. I definitely don’t like snakes.