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After the glut of Dad-focussed books I thought I’d share this one (first out in May of this year).


It is aimed at young children, possibly just starting their childcare experience. However it’s useful for any children who have mums that go to work. Because it’s a very common thing to actually explain to your child what it is you do when you’re not with them. The work we do, the places we go, are often a complete mystery to children and they are very keen to know!

I realised this last year when my daughter told everyone in her class that I definitely did something with a computer some times and other times I talked about books in a bookshop. She didn’t mention the teaching I do or various other things and so I made a point of taking both kids to – or showing them photos of – my workplaces and explained a bit more about what I did. After that she always wanted to know – and still does – which job I’ve been doing and was I sitting in the chair I span her around in? And the fact that mummy needs to work – in order to pay for things – is something important for them to know too.

Anyway – this book does a lovely job of showing what children get up to in a nursery setting and also what the different mummies are doing. Ali’s mum, for example, is a teacher and reads a story to her class. She then helps them write their own stories and prepares for the next day.

It is similar to What Does Daddy Do? by Rachel Bright (Puffin) although that is a funny account – this is a gentle exploration of the adventures both the children and the parents have.

So if your children are about to start nursery – or are gearing themselves up for school – then keep this in mind.