So here’s a Fab Friday book.  My son can still be a tricky reader, in terms of getting him to open a book. Once he’s opened it, he’s fine. But The 13-storey Treehouse took no persuasion. It is one of his favourite books, and so we have been keenly waiting for the sequel to come out. Last month, it finally did. Here is Toby’s review:


So why is this so good? Well, mainly it has some amazing ideas about a place you would live in if imagination won over reality. Andy and Terry, in the book that is (I wish in real life) live a near utopian existence in their fabulous treehouse. The only thing they occasionally have to do is create stories….

There was a lot of giggling with both books. Lots of talk about bananas (giant ones are created in the first book). There of course is a plot in both books, but it’s the setting and the silliness that are the most wonderful parts to them. In the first book, the bananas were the thing that Toby found hysterical (I’m kind of over him shouting ‘BANANAS!’ at me now). In the second book, they have an ice cream place with all sorts of crazy flavours such as Brain Freeze, Bacon and Eggs, without Bacon and Eggs and so on.

Kids everywhere (big and small) will want to imagine their own treehouse. The first book inspired Toby to come up with his own book – The 100-storey treehouse, and designed his own book jacket in anticipation (currently still a work-in-progress):

DSC_0031I hope this series runs foreeeeevvvveeeerrrrrr. Or certainly a long time.

One thing though – there is a ‘lemonade fountain’ in the first book. Yet it supplies orangeade and all sorts of other flavours. Surely that makes it a fizzyade fountain, rather than a lemonade fountain. Yes I KNOW that is a grown up niggle but it bugs me. Sorry. So Andy and Terry – if I came to stay I’d want a marshmallow themed room please with a bath that runs hot chocolate. And I’d want the fountain re-named. OK?