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Post number 3! This is another new book for this year reflecting on the nature of Dads. It is in rhyming text and brought to you by the creator of us all focusing on the urgent loo requirements of Father Christmas, knickers and nappies (Royal ones) and bottoms (this time, belonging to Cinderella)….

No bottoms on show here you may be relieved to know. And despite the cover, this is not a representation of Dad as superhero, but rather just as he is.


This looks at all the seemingly little things that Dads can do that in fact are really quite special. The boy in this story knows his Dads limitations, but sees the wonder in small actions. But although he can’t master magic tricks, he can conjure up a secret bar of chocolate or slice of cake from the fridge. He can’t fix a bike, but he can create wonders out of paper, sticks and glue.

There’s a lot of funny real moments too – how the Dad won’t spend money on what he thinks are expensive toy cars, but then drags the family around to look at real cars (toys still, in a sense) for ages. I really liked those moments – especially the Dad going into the women’s toilets by accident!

I guess there was a fleeting reference to all things ‘bottom’ after all…