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The second book about Dads out this year and perfect for the forthcoming Father’s Day (though of course, good Dads should be celebrated every day of the year – much like Mums!)


This is a rhyming tale and looks at the superhero theme – a good theme to plunder when it comes to Dads.

This is about an ordinary kind of Dad (even though the boy says he isn’t). He can’t make breakfast properly (he sometimes produces toast, chocolate, jam, ice cream and cake!), but he can do lots of things. Being able to pick up the dog makes him super strong, he makes his son feel like he’s flying when he zooms him around. All these ordinary things are looked at through the son’s eyes and so the Dad does seem pretty Super.

And while he may not wear his pants over his trousers, when the little boy is scared of bumps and noises in the night he only has to whisper for his Dad, he is there. That, from the boy’s point of view, truly makes him a superhero.

Of course, the Dad doesn’t think he’s the superhero – but he knows who really is: his Superhero Son!

I love this reflection on a Dad’s skills and attributes and how amazing they can seem to a child.

My kids have requested that kind of breakfast…luckily Mum’s always make proper breakfasts, even when we are very tired.