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Ok….so the kids asked me to promote this. I’m still unsure of how I feel about it.

Essentially it’s a story for adults (or so I reckon) – it’s about when you have to grow up and abandon childish things, or at least think that you do.


The boy, who narrates the story, feels that he needs to give up his rabbit because it’s too boring and immature. So he abandons Floppy in the woods.

I mean – WHAT???????????? What a horrid thing to do!!!!!!!!

Pretty soon he realises that he might have made a mistake and returns to where he’s tied Floppy up (yes that’s right – he actually tied him to a tree and then left). But Floppy isn’t there. He’s in a hut being looked after by a little girl whose mission is to rescue animals. She kindly invites the boy to join them for tea and he, still in his insufferable nonchalant teenagey attitude outlook on life, casually agrees to it.

I have to say, this was the only bit that I found entertaining:

I thought about saying, “Nah, I’m busy.”

I thought about saying, “This isn’t tea, it’s just cold water.”

That made me laugh. But the boy is offering an adult perspective on that scene. It’s clever, but is it for children? Well weirdly my two liked it a lot – even Toby who, with his beloved giraffe Annabel, I thought would take against it. But they weren’t really shocked about the pet abandonment. Jess thought that he was OK once he realised (thanks to the little girl) that he owned a Lop Sided (and therefore special) rabbit and not a bunny.

But let me tell you though – I couldn’t get over it. I couldn’t forgive him for feeling the need to show his big kidness through such a silly action. Maybe because I’ve been through all that. Maybe the kids don’t really get what’s going on because they are kids.  They certainly loved the illustrations though – and they are good. And the story has a nod to Little Red Riding Hood.

So. Kids liked it, I’m not so sure it’s really for kids. I guess you’ll have to read it and decide what you think yourself.