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There are a lot of fairy tale twists around with new ones coming out every month it seems. Most of them are quite bland or haven’t done much with the story – but this one is different. This one is good.

611vI5N+tULIn this version of Cinderella, Gertie is the third stepsister you never knew about – and Cinderella is a lazy good-for-nothing. Gertie does all her chores and is super nice. She is desperate to go to the ball but her mother won’t let her unless she turns bad. Fairy tale villains are enlisted to help her – the witch in Hansel and Gretel, the wicked queen from Snow White – but she can’t help herself, her niceness always shines through. When she prevents the big bad wolf from eating Red Riding Hood the wolf turns on her. But when she mentions the ball the wolf is more interested in attending that than eating her.

They enlist the help of the Fairy Godmother, much to Cinderella’s annoyance. But she never deserved help anyway and is turned into a mouse. The wolf and Gertie go to the ball and Gertie does the traditional hooking up with Prince Charming thing.

And what happened to Mrs Ugly and Gertie’s two mean sisters? Well the clue might be with the gorgeously dressed up wolf and the plate of bones at the end….

Very entertaining, refreshing and worth a read.