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How exciting is this? Snoopy in picture book form!!!!!!!!!!!

51+H4wCPVxLI loved the Charlie Brown cartoon on TV hen I was little and then enjoyed the original strip. When things are that good, they deserve a re-boot for a new generation. This is a brand new Snoopy and Charlie Brown storybook. Snoopy is as cute looking as ever. Charlie is as weird looking as ever.

Poor Charlie is thwarted from flying his kite by trees. He says his classic line ‘Good grief’, and does that thing where he looks up and his mouth is a giant black hole while he shouts ‘I can’t stand it! I just can’t stand it!

There’s a kite flying competition too. He’s got no chance of even entering. Until Snoopy gets all daredevil and uses a spring to leap onto the kite at the top of the tree and soar above all the other kites.

They are such a great team – and all the other characters are there (I always loved Linus because he had a blanket – I had one when I was little too). My two really enjoyed this story and meeting the characters – and especially liked that they were such old friends to me. I ended up showing them the old cartoon too, really just so they could learn how to say ‘Good grief’ correctly. Happy times.

There is another Peanuts book at now too – Best of Friends. I hope there will be many more.