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An interactive offering from Gecko Press.

Help! The Wolf is coming! really caught my eye in the bookshop last week. It’s a board book in a larger format (which is what most publishers are heading towards now). I like this larger format. You feel you can get your teeth into it – which is what the wolf in the story is trying to do.


The book is very similar to work by Hervé Tullet (see Press Here) where the child reader is spoken to directly and told to shake the page or turn it quickly to stop the wolf from getting them. The story isn’t scary though – it’s just exciting. It also, cunningly, has the potential to go on forEVER because the back of the cover reads:

Phew! The wolf has gone.

Are you sure? Quick! Flip the book and check…

And so you return to the HELP! The Wolf is coming! and can start all over again.

Jess said she needed a bacon sandwich after she read it through three times straight. I’m sure the Wolf would appreciate a bacon sandwich (much nicer than human sandwiches surely?) and a break himself to be honest – it must be exhausting going on a perpetual hunt where you never catch anything.

We liked this very much indeed.