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This is both creative and funny and we have had so much fun with this.

81DimrJ6-fLA boy happens upon an apple in his kitchen….and so follows a series of musings about what it might be (if it both is and isn’t an apple). Is it a pear in disguise, secretly wanting to be an apple? Does it have feelings? Is it a red fish curled up into a ball? Does it want to paint the boy red and take his place? Where has the apple come from and what has it seen? All these questions and more are considered.

There is lots of silliness in this book. There is also lots of imagination and philosophy.

My absolute favourite spread is when all the apple’s family and friends are imagined. There is Wibble, Nibble, Squibble, Dibble and Jibble and other many lines of rhyming names building up to the final selection: Mingo, Mongo, Mango, Mungo and Bob. Yes that’s right. Bob.

This has really triggered our imaginations and we have spent a lot of time imagining what things could be – an orange could have an inner spiralling slide for ants for example. Red grapes could really be slimy curled up slugs… So far we’ve only tackled the fruit bowl but obviously such imaginative thoughts could be applied to anything. Hopefully in the future it will include musings in marshmallows (one of my favourite topics).

This is a great example of how to turn something utterly mundane – an apple in a kitchen – into a great adventure that any child could, if they are prepared to let their imagination fly, have too.

I love, love, LOVE this book.