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Having mentioned naming ceremonies yesterday, I thought of this book.

51mmWnyOKELThis has only been out a few weeks but feels like a modern classic.

Each spread has a wish the narrator is making from adult to child. More ups than downs, more hugs than ughs (Jess’s favourite), more we than me, more pause then fast-forward (my favourite).

The text is seemingly simple and the pictures are fun – different scenes of children having fun. Jess really enjoyed reading it to me and discussing what the children were doing. The front cover, a child blowing on a dandelion, is just one example of an accurate observation of what children love to do. For a child, it’s a lovely book.

But why this a special book is because it will move the adults reading it. What do we want for our children? If mine had half the things mentioned in the book then I would be very happy indeed. The final phrase – I wish all of this for you, because you are everything I could wish for…and more – well, if you don’t have a tear in your eye at that point I’d be very surprised.

I think it would be a wonderful thing to read out at a naming ceremony (or any other way of welcoming a child to the world). It is perfect for snuggling up to your children and reminding them and yourself what is really important for their future – not money and status but hugs and fun – and how much you love them.