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Another book for Valentine’s Day – or any day you want to reflect on love.


This has a lovely, simple text that builds nicely:

Love me, love you

Love one, love two

This book shows the many facets of love that little people experience. The joy of snuggling with pets, finding a missing toy, making music with a group of friends or sharing quiet reading time and so on.

The shared reading is my favourite image as this is what my two do with each other – cuddle up and share a book.

Cynics may think it’s crazy to suggest a book for Valentine’s Day. But you know what? Kids are hyper aware of these things, especially when they go to primary school. And I have to say – all of my Valentine’s gifts in the past were a massive disappointment. A book about love that I can share with my children is much better than floppy flowers or cheap chocolates.

And what’s more, Valentine’s Day just happens to be International Book Giving Day. The focus of this is to encourage people across the world to give a book to a child on February 14th. Of course it doesn’t have to be about love and you may want to make the day extra special by taking the chosen child/children to a bookshop to choose their book. That is what I am doing.

But if you like the idea and want to make it themed then this is a great choice if you have a toddler in mind.