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If you want something light hearted, silly and exceedingly funny, then this is the book for you.

Newly out in paperback, it is a story about a highly opinionated cat who insists that Frog sits on a log. Frog isn’t keen on the idea – logs are nobbly and uncomfortable and give you splinters in your bottom (oh yes, the funniest word EVER is employed in this book).

The cat insists that the frog should sit on a log. Why not a mat? Because cats sit on mats. And so the verbal exchange goes, with the cat explaining in a very hoity toity way all the things that other animals sit on.

I’ve read this to a fair few kids and they all like different bits – the bee sitting on a key, the moles sitting on poles – & the ending.

I’ve also read this to a fair few grown ups (that’s what you get if you come to my house – instant story time) and they always like the same bit, when the frog challenges the cat about what animals sit -& the ending.

“Doesn’t sound very comfortable,” said the frog.

“It’s not about being comfortable,” said the cat. “It’s about doing the right thing.”

What a cracking line. And what cracking illustrations too. On a drab winter’s day you need a bit of pizazz. The backgrounds of the spreads are green, red, blue and this gorgeously cheery yellow:


But the illustrations aren’t too stripped back thankfully – I am always disappointed in picture books that do that. Each animal is bursting with character – every single one has personality. They aren’t featured for more than a moment but any one of them could feature in a book all of their own. I would like to see the gorilla get it’s own story in the future.

And you get to spot the frog in each spread. And spotting things on each page is massively fun.

So to the ending. What happens? Well the frog foolishly asks the cat what dogs sit on…. I’m sure you can imagine what that might be. Frog pancake anyone?