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I love this! It is totally bonkers and therefore brilliant.


A boy and his brother Dan are madly collecting tokens from their cornflake packets in order to get a free lion. They use all their savings and fill the cupboards with umpteen packets but they don’t mind having to eat their way through them: the lion will be their reward

Only they don’t get one. They get a very grizzly bear instead (Mr Flaky Ltd has run out of lions). They complain and get a bathroom-hogging crocodile. Then a whacking great gorilla. Then a lifetime’s supply of cornflakes. None of which is at ALL like a lion.

They are none too impressed at first (although their Dad is rather keen on the lifetime supply of cornflakes). But you know what. The crocodile is a whizz at opening cans, the bear can take them walking for miles and the gorilla can drive them to school. And besides, everyone’s got a lion.

When I first started reading this I assumed that the kids would think they were going to get a lion and would then be disappointed to learn that a real one was never going to happen. Perhaps they were going to be able to visit one in the zoo or get a soft toy or something along those lines. So I LOVED that they were actually going to get one, and then they ended up getting three dangerous animals instead.

You can find an encouraging message here – to strike out on your own, not to follow the crowd. But I also love the ending where they have already begun collecting new tokens to win themselves a free tiger. Because just think what you could do with one of them…

We all thought this was crazy and very funny.