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This is due out on 5 Feb and we are sooooo excited about it. We have loved Kes Gray ever since we discovered Nuddy Ned (Bloomsbury) in the library (must write about that soon). Jim Gray came to our attention in the hilarious Oi Frog (Hodder) (must review!) and There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes for Bloomsbury (to be reviewed this week!) and we are super pleased that he and Kes have teamed up for How Many Legs?, also for Hodder.


It’s common knowledge round our way that I am allergic to numbers. I still can’t tell the time properly and can’t add up beyond the number 10. But even so, How Many Legs? is a delight.

It is a book about counting. Well. It’s a story that has counting in it – it is certainly not a traditional (and DULL) counting book that zips through a bunch of numbers and leaves it there, thinking it’s super clever. This book is about how many legs there might be if different animals arrived and it so happens that you can count along too.

How many legs would it make if a duck arrive with a lemon cake?

How many legs would there be if a polar bear came for tea?

And so on. It has a great rhythm to it that makes you want to march around the house whilst saying it.

I always like an interactive element to a picture book and the race to guess the number of legs is great fun. The story builds with more and more animals joining in but thankfully the demand to know the exact answer is not expected:

If you lose count don’t feel bad, A sum this big could send you bad (YES IT COULD!), No need to tie your brain in knots, Let’s just say the answer’s….LOTS.

Phew! Thank you Kes! I knew I could count on you. And there’s even the actual answer for those able to add up properly and who want to verify their answer.

The illustrations are colourful, detailed and full of character. Everything you’d want.

A fun read indeed.