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What’s not to like about a book about books? There are several books about books out there and this has inspired me to compile a list of some of the best ones over the next few weeks. This has been out a few weeks and is a great addition.

51BjTAMmCoLWanted! is about a rather strange rabbit called Ralfy who is into books instead of carrots. His love for them leads him to resorting to sneaking inside people’s homes to get his fix. But this doesn’t quench his thirst for stories and so he ends up stealing them (cue massively shocked face from both children).

Ralfy loves one home in particular – that of Arthur, a red headed boy (who gets the triple thumbs up from my own red haired boy). Arthur is equally passionate about stories and he soon notices that a lot of his books are missing. When Arthur discovers it is a bunny book thief he tells some Responsible Adults – his mum and the local policeman. Who of course, being Responsible Adults, don’t take him seriously at all.

Then Ralfy steals from the local policeman and is promptly handcuffed. I was a bit dubious about this bit – why couldn’t Arthur as the protagonist be the one to capture Ralfy? But what happens next won me over. Arthur has to identify Ralfy among other bunnies at the police station. Which you would think would be simple but there are a lot of bunnies wearing ‘I love Books’ t-shirts. To trap him a conveyor belt (just like the one at YO! Sushi! shrieked Jess. Oh yes, that paragon of restaurants I have never taken the children to because I know full well they’d pick lots of stuff they wouldn’t actually eat, fussy fusspot that they are)…

Anyway, the conveyor belt. It comes with a pile of vegetables and some books. The other bunnies devour the vegetables and Ralfy goes straight for the books. The kids were quite worried at this point – would Ralfy be put in prison? But it’s all OK. He must have been assigned to some rehabilitation programme because Arthur introduces Ralfy to libraries (so a marvellous reminder about how utterly fabulous libraries are). They end up as ‘book buddies’, and their library is their favourite place.

First and foremost, it’s a lovely and highly entertaining story. Second, it happens to be about how fabulous books and libraries are. For those who can’t get enough of stories, or for those who need a bit of encouragement, this is a good book to go for.