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It’s baby themed here this week! Newly out, this is another book about having a new baby in the house.

61vQCNK1QlLAlthough this book focuses on what not to do, it doesn’t come across as bossy because the ideas in question are so funny. Don’t put the baby on the washing line, or plant it (and forget where you’ve put it). These are two of my favourites:


As Toby says, these aren’t like rules – they are just really funny. And so outlandish it’s not going to give a possibly jealous person any ideas! (And where would you get an octopus for a baby to cuddle anyway?)

At the end of the book it has things that you should do with a baby – cuddle, kiss, play, read and most of all love. After the dramatic things not to do this all seems pretty reasonable. Presumably that’s the idea.

A fun take on a potentially tricky subject.