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Obviously this is a book about a dragon and so I was already half way to loving it before I read it. But I did also enjoy the contents too!

61HJisq3M9LThis is a book with a simple text and a straightforward story – a little boy is searching for his dragon. The illustrations are predominantly black and white and fabulously detailed. There is so much to look at, absorb and discuss. Highlighted in colour on each page is something that the reader can count.

DSCF7222This is a book for young readers, although my two enjoyed the illustrations (and are big dragon fans too).

If you want a quirky book with a lot of detail and happens to have an interactive edge to it (in terms of the counting) then this is a great choice. If the toddler in question is into dragons then even better – although this is a Chinese dragon and so may not be what they envisage when they imagine a dragons (in which case you need to explain that there a lots of different kinds of dragons out there which is Actual Fact).

One thing though – those pages which have largely been left black and white. Well, they aren’t half tempting. Some might say inviting. Some might say impossible NOT to colour in. There will be children who are going to want to colour in those pages. So if you’re precious about such things or are going to buy it as a present and want it kept pristine, then don’t get it. But if you have accepted that, once you give a child a book it’s theirs, then you’ll be fine. And I’m not saying that every child is going to want to do this. But my hands were itching a little bit. Just to fill in some of the books on the book stall.

As I am a grown up (only officially you understand) I was able to resist. The kids were very proud of me.