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A beautiful book about the friendship of two very different dogs.

The colours are subtle – a palette of largely black, white with hints of pale pink and blue. The text does rhyme but has fluidity and Jess (newly turned 6) summed it up perfectly by calling it a poetry picture book. It is definitely poetic rather than a simply rhyming text. It is very soothing to read out loud.

51-BceuX3qLIt is about a black dog and white dog who are very different – the white dog dreams of frozen Arctic scenes while the black dog dreams of steamy hot jungles.

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But while they imagine very different things, they can still have adventures together.

DSCF7206 (2)There is a great message here but this is not a story that preaches – it is a story, first and foremost, about two dogs who love playing with each other. Both Ipcar’s illustrations and text are a delight and original. If you want something a bit different – something beautiful and subtle – then this is the book to get.