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I’ve wanted to write about this for ages, but the build up to Christmas got in the way!


This book came out in September, along with a version of Red Riding Hood. They are small, though you’d have to have a pretty enormous pocket for it to fit into (they are about 16 cm by 13cm….or slightly smaller than a board book). Some of the pages are pop-up. But what is esPECIALLY exciting is that the pages are concertina. You can either turn the pages over one at a time (and then flip the book over halfway), or you can stretch it out to see half the story, and then turn it over to see the rest.

DSCF7091 (2)DSCF7094 (2)

The illustrations are gorgeous and I particularly love them because of the Pre-Raphaelite style dresses (I would like to own a dress just like the one Sleeping Beauty has).

Although some of the pages have pop-outs it’s a pretty sturdy book, and it comes with a hard backed slip case to keep it from getting damaged. It is definitely a book that you could keep in your bag (or a gigantic pocket) for those moments when your child needs a bit of distraction. You know, if you’ve done something crazy like attempt to go to a café and sit down for more than 5 minutes.

The Red Riding Hood one is good too and I hope that Templar consider publishing more in this series. Because they are tiny they are easy to miss in a bookshop – although we have promoted them ever since they came in because we love them so much. So if you can’t see them then ask – they deserve to be looked at.