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A classic Christmas tale in our household. Lynley Dodd is supremely skilled at writing pacey, rhyming texts that effortlessly trip off the tongue of the reader. Lynley Dodd is also great at making up words. ‘A bothersome rascal, a pothersome pain’. Her books are such a pleasure to read.


It is Christmas for Slinky Malinki’s family and they decorate the tree beautifully. ‘Glimmering, shimmering, brilliantly bright, the tree was a truly MAGNIFICENT sight.’

But Slinky Malinki is in a playful mood and climbs up the tree, pouncing on the decorations and thoroughly messing things up. He also sweeps the fairy that had been on top of the tree under the carpet (I never thought this was particularly intentional but the kids were adamant it was and I do now believe they are right. Naughty Slinky Malinki).

The family restore the tree as Slinky hides among the branches. The fairy remains hidden but Slinky Malinki has climbed to the top and makes a good substitute.

We don’t have any pets at home but know friends with dogs and cats that have bothered suffered from trees being destroyed. It’s enough for me to read about it without having to go through it myself. One of our firm Christmas favourites.