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Part of the ‘I love you’ series, this is super cute and a lovely book if you know a little person celebrating their first couple of Christmases.

51-zhZc+2ULIt’s written as a letter from a toddler to Father Christmas an introduces all the key themes of Father Christmas – from what he looks like, to being good (like trying to share toys with friends – such a hard thing to do), and promising to be asleep when he comes.

In all the excitement of Christmas it’s nice to have a calm moment or two and you can have that by reading this book. My son tends to go bonkers when school breaks up and I feel like I’ve had a tornado in the house since Friday. But even though he’s 8 he paused to listen to this while I read it to his sister.

Our favourite page is the last one when the little boy is in bed with his surprisingly perky looking parents (the clock accurately reads as 6AM – there are also two cups of tea and toast on the side. Impressive). It is Christmas morning as he looks through all the presents that Father Christmas has left. The toddler’s voice really comes across and the pictures have lots of lovely Christmas touches – we especially like the snowflake patterned pyjamas the boy is wearing. If only you could get ones just like it, we’d all have a set each.