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This is my son’s favourite book at Christmas. We are BIG fans of Traction Man (please Mini Grey, write some more).


Traction Man Is Here is about the arrival of Traction Man on Christmas Day – asked for by a little boy to replace his previous one (who met a sticky end in the Terrible Parachute Accident).

This is a picture book with a longer text than most and is very nearly a comic book in structure and narration style and so it’s ideal for older readers (5-7 year olds).

The narration is brilliant:

‘Traction Man is crawling through the overgrown shrubbery near the Pond, wearing Jungle Pants, Camouflage Vest, and Sweaty Bandana.’

(You have to say it in a deep, bold voice).

While the family go through Christmas Day – eating a big breakfast, travelling to Granny’s house for presents and lunch etc, Traction Man and his faithful sidekick, Scrubbing Brush, get into a lot of scrapes – and always in fabulous action attire.

As well as socks for all the family Granny has knitted Traction Man a knitted green romper suit and matching bonnet. Traction Man’s face is an absolute picture:

DSCF6830 DSCF6829

Traction Man continues his adventures but his romper suit means that he is no longer taken seriously. The evil Doctor Sock (‘You will be my wife’ said to the Cupcake in a menacing tone) laughs at him. So does the Cupcake. Poor Traction Man.

But then, what is that Scrubbing Brush? The spoons have crashed to the floor and need rescuing before the dust cloud from the Broom descends.

Clever Scrubbing Brush unravels the romper suit and lowers the wool down. Traction Man hoists the spoons back to safety.

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush get medals from the grateful spoons. Traction Man also cuts quite a dash in his knitted Green Swimming Pants and matching Swimming Bonnet.

And all is well (or is it?):


This is a fabulous action story for kids who like adventures, whether they are aware of Action Man or not, and for adults who imagined their own epic Action Man scenarios.

Great to read on Christmas Day, late afternoon after the presents have been opened and just before the oldies have gone into suspended animation (no doubt with a bit of snoring going on).

As a little aside, Mini Grey is called Mini because she was born in the back of one (the car that is). How cool is that?!