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I had to include this one for my son who is patiently waiting for the snow to fall any minute because it is nearly Christmas (even though it almost never snows here at Christmas).

This is one for all my teacher friends too because, no matter how much you love being a teacher, there is nothing quite like getting ready for the onslaught of school and then discovering that it’s a Snow Day and you can spend the ENTIRE DAY building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate….or is that just what I used to do?


In It’s Snow Day a London school is closed because of the snow. So of course no one shows up. Except, that is, for Danny and Mr Tapper. Mr Tapper can’t go home because Danny is there and Danny has no one to go home to anyway. During normal school hours they are enemies. Mr Trapper is a mean, horrid teacher. And so the day starts terribly with Mr Trapper teaching Danny as if it is just any old day.

But then it is break time and they head out into the snow. Mr Trapper smokes his pipe while Danny builds giant snowballs. Then something happens – Mr Trapper actually speaks to Danny. They start making snowmen together. Hundreds of snowmen. The lessons are ditched in favour of eating sweets and building forts and ice skating (with school books as skates – shocking!). Finally they top the day off by making an igloo (I have always wanted to build an igloo – I had igloo envy in this bit). It turns out to be the best day of their lives.

The next day the snow has gone and everything is back to normal – even Mr Tapper’s meanness. Or so it seems. But when he calls Danny into detention he doesn’t want to punish him – he wants to show him a plan for something they have to wait until the next Snow Day for. And nearly a year on, they put that plan into action and create marvellous igloos.

I am such an emotional sucker, so I was crying by the end of this. My kids got that Danny and Mr Tapper were both lonely souls and that the snow had united them. It felt a bit like Roald Dahl’s Matilda – I wanted Mr Tapper to take Danny home. And maybe one day he does. But if he doesn’t, they will always have Snow Days together.

For everyone who loves Snow Days. And if you don’t love them, you are far too grown up and you need read this book to remember how much fun they are.