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It’s very rare for it to snow here on Christmas Day. I wish hard for it every year and my two are certain it will this year. But while we are waiting, at least we have this book to look through.

51flzf6JkRLThere is snow. Deep, train-hiding snow. And so a boy and his teddy go adventuring and discover giant snowmen, a benevolent ice queen and a majestic reindeer. He also sees Father Christmas but that isn’t mentioned in the text, which I like. Christmas is a layer within this story – it isn’t forced upon the reader, it’s just there. The story has a magical feel throughout and when you come to the page with Father Christmas and your child points and whispers ‘Look! It’s Father Christmas!’ it only adds to that magic.

At the end, the official blurb suggests that there is a clever twist – that the boy has in fact not been on a real adventure but has simply become immersed in reading a story. If this was true it would make me very cross as it is the classic (and evil) ‘and then the children woke up’ ending, favoured in traditional stories. In real life, children never get to have adventures, so let’s just let them have them in fiction shall we?

Of course the boy went on a real adventure. But he also gets to re-live it by looking through his favourite book when he returns. We are the ones reading and not adventuring. Silly book blurb people. How could they get that wrong?

So if the snow doesn’t come to you but you’d like a book that shows you its magic then this is a great one to choose.