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This is Jessica’s pick of the season. It’s been out a few years but we hadn’t seen it until this year. I brought it home from the bookshop a few weeks ago for her to look at and it’s the one she wants me to buy – we each choose a new Christmas book every year. It’s a hardback pop up book and so not cheap (just over £10). But it is beautiful.


The story tells, as you might expect, the story of the star – how it appeared, and how it appears now. The rhyming text has flawless rhythm, the pictures are eye catching and the final page produced a huge gasp from my two with it’s stunning Christmas tree. Here is Jess showing us all (it is HER choice, as she has pointed out):

DSCF6491 (2)

As with all pop-up books it’s delicate, so don’t spend the money if you have an over zealous toddler (or grown up) who will want to explore the pop-ups with a bit too much enthusiasm. Or be prepared to supervise every read. Jess has appointed herself Book Guardian with this one, so we’re ok with that issue here.

A beautiful addition to our Christmas collection.