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I just thought I’d squeeze a last book in before I go CHRISTMAS CRAZY!


So, Mr Wuffles. This is a picture book in comic strip style and very little text. Mr Wuffles is a cat who ignores his owners attempt to get his attention with a brand new toy. He only wants to play with one thing…and this happens to be a teeny tiny spacecraft manned by aliens. They speak in strange symbols (cue interesting vocal noises from the reader). Half the fun is working out what they mean. I could work out that a triangle represented cheese but that was about it. The kids however were very knowing about most of the symbols.

With the help of a resident family of ants they escape from Mr Wuffles and make it out into space. The noble ants commemorate the occasion by adding to their lovely wall drawings. Mr Wuffles’ owner still tries to get his attention. Mr Wuffles remains on guard by the radiator where the ants live.

It is very entertaining and allows the children to work out (or make up) the dialogue between the ants and the aliens. The overview of the plot is presented in the pictures but they can talk through it themselves. You have to interact with this book, there’s no other option.

It’s a nice precursor to comic books too and great for kids who are put off by dense text. Most importantly though, it’s funny. The kids and I enjoyed this very much.