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This is a follow on from the brilliant Z is for Moose which came out in the UK last year:

510afwdKeqLLast year, an American customer suggested that we get it for the bookshop – so (being able to do these things) we got it, loved it and it has been a popular book at Heffers ever since. Z is for Moose is about a Zebra narrating a standard alphabet book – until Moose butts in at the letter D. He takes over the show and causes total chaos when he is denied his starring role with the letter M. Zebra is lovely though and allows him to share his moment with the letter Z. Moose is a great character, a real diva, and my kids love his naughtiness. So I squealed with delight when the sequel came into the shop.


Circle, Square, Moose is just as funny and a lovely opportunity to spend time with Moose and Zebra again. There is a different narrator this time (presumably the adult reading it…serious grown up voice used for that), trying to tell the audience about shapes. Only it’s a bit difficult as Moose gatecrashes the affair, eats the square sandwich, stands in front of the diamond-shaped sign and generally muscles in on all the action. Zebra tries to reign him in, without success. In the end the narrator abandons the book and Moose and Zebra have to finish explaining shapes together.

The humour and the friendship of Moose and Zebra are what makes it so enjoyable. If you haven’t encountered Moose then it’s about time you did.