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Children’s books are my passion. This is just a teeny tiny selection of mine (and I do mean mine – when the kids leave home, the books are staying).

DSCF6372One of my jobs is in the children’s department of Heffers bookshop in Cambridge and I get asked for recommendations all the time. So I figured I may as well write a blog about them.

Sometimes I’m going to write about brand new books, other times I’ll write about ones that have been around for a while.

Mostly I’m going to write about picture books but there will be posts on books for 5-8 years too. And possibly 9-12. As it’s my blog I can do what I like 🙂

But all of the books I mention will be ones that I find brilliant. Not necessarily perfect, but certainly ones that have got my attention – and hopefully that will be of use to people wanting to know what is out there and exciting in the world of children’s literature. I’ve called this blog little books because they are books for little people (including me as I am quite short). It has nothing to do with their quality. Some of the best books in the world are children’s books.

I own two medium sized children (one nearly 6 and one 8) and they are as full of opinions as I am. So they may get involved with the reviews as well. This is them being shy and retiring (this is how they chose to pose…I think they saw a professional photo with kids in this pose. They do it quite a lot when I take pictures of them):

DSCF6402When I am not reading or reflecting on children’s books I do lots of other cool stuff. Recently I made some fake amber with a pre-historic mosquito (recently deceased daddy long legs):

DSCF6225 (3)

Even more recently I made an Egyptian pyramid gingerbread house:

DSCF6282 (2)

As well as a bookseller I am a creative writing teacher in and around Cambridge (armed with both a teaching qualification from Cambridge Uni – got my degree there too – and an MA in Writing for Children from Winchester Uni. I got a Distinction and everything). I also write a blog about writing and fitnessy pursuits (currently Olympic weightlifting): http://jendrakemorgan.wordpress.com/

So there you are! Now let’s get on and look at some books…